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GW002 Kid Smart Watch Phone USER MANUAL -more

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What you cant see at the user manual...

I bought a GW002 Kid Smart Watch Phone from
But the very little user manual doesnt tell me the most important things.

First, you must have an android phone or iphone.
Second: you must got a QR code reader on your phone. If not, go with your phone browser here:
This app is a must have app for that watch phone. With this app you can controll and settings anything on the watch phone.
After you register in this app, must add your watch phone.  This app got a QR code reader feature. Or you can do it manual. The number what you need only the numbers at the back of the watch phone.
You must put a working micro sim card into the watch, with working mobil internet subscription.
In the app you must add this sim card's mobile number (call number) at the Main monitoring number.
How you can set  language and time zone?
After you power on the phone watch, its got chinese langauage and chinese time zone.
Use the WhereYouGo app on your mobile, and choose Watch Language and time zone.
Choose the possible language, and the time zone is: 1  (yes, just put that number, if you live in Europe UTC+1 time zone).
Here you can search your city UTC time zone:

At you can login what you register before in the WhereYouGo app, and you can track your watchphone.
Do not forget your user name or password, because no email, and no password reminder!

If you have any question: [email protected]

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